About Us

The Language Learning Centre was started in 2015. Unique in its character, it is a fitness centre for both language and cultural learning.  Volunteers from the community, read, listen, and speak with language learners.  Although not grammar focused, grammar and writing skill improvement are components of learning.


Four rooms, well insulated for sound, are used.  Room 1, is used for reading books, magazines and newspaper articles.  Pronunciation is corrected in a respectful and sensitive way.  Room 2 is used for learning through the playing of table games involving language. Room 3 is where video learning takes place and where a short segment of a movie is watched, then discussed.  Room 4 is used for private study for learners who wish to be away from the library, yet still be in a learning environment.


A monthly membership fee ($190 for ten hours) gives the clients access to  ESL learning. These are within flexible hours, Monday through Thursday. 


Outdoor recreational activities and visits to community events, including Toronto, are a component. In past years, the Canadian National Exhibition, as well as the Toronto Royal Winter Fair and skating at Toronto City Hall have been enjoyed by the students.

Cynthia Hucks, Manager, is a graduate of a Trent English-as-a-second- language Program and was a participant in the University of Wisconsin Grammar program. She has TESL Canada Certification. She has a Science Degree in Nursing with a Diversity focus from Toronto Metropolitan University and a Masters Degree in Adult Education with a focus on Non-formal Learning, English-as-a-second-language and Diversity from St.Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia.


Language Learning Centre of Peterborough
Cynthia Hucks