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Learn how to speak English ...
by participating in community recreation and in discussion with experienced and knowledgeable volunteers. Among the volunteers, are a retired Trent University biology professor, a nurse, a lawyer, a graphic artist, an occupational therapist, a business owner and an engineer. We take pride in using up-to-date resources from the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. TESOL International Conventions. 
Language Learning Centre of Peterborough

Meet the Tutors ...

Hussain Alribh

Hussain Alribh

Hussain has been a student at Trent University in the Business Administration program. He comes with an enthusiastic teaching approach and wants to see his students succeed. 

Jella Bosch

Jella Bosch

He is a lawyer who has been practicing in Peterborough since 1982. Sometimes his

wife Dian Zhao assists him when tutoring individuals from an Asian background. 

Wilf Lawrenson,

Wilf Lawrenson

Has an interest in International Learning acquiring a second language. His second language is Spanish. His adventuresome life has led him into forty different countries and has lived in Jamaica for five years. His cross-cultural experiences colour to our Learning Centre environment.  

Sharon Thompson, English Tutor

Sharon Thompson

A graduate of Durham College, she is proficient in tutoring a wide range of ages in one room. With her caring attitude the newcomer feels at home instantly in the Learning Centre. 

Judy Whalpole, English Tutor

Judy Whalpole

Has a BA in Fine Art and English from the University of Guelph. She worked as an instructional designer at the University of Guelph, and as a marketing graphic designer in environmental consulting. She connects to the arts community through the Art School of Peterborough, works as a graphic designer for Print Three Peterborough, and is a care coordinator for WeCare of CBI health group. 

Peter Riley

Peter Riley

A graduate from the University of Toronto, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a process Engineer at Siemens, Peterborough

Roger Jones

Roger Jones

A professor Emeritus from the Biology Department at Trent University. He taught plant Biology, Ecology and Physiology. His present involvment includes the nature areas on the Symons Campus. His interests are current affairs and traveling.

Ellwood Johnson

Ellwood Johnson

Has served as a probation officer and parole officer in the Peterborough area for 29 years. His expertise in the area of teaching children English is especially evident with the use of the combination of childrens literature and English conversation geared towards their age group. 

Sarah Hucks Ireland, English Tutor

Sarah Hucks Ireland

A graduate of the Queens-Trent Concurrent Education program. She has spent a number of years teaching in the Arrowsmith School for students with special education needs. Sarah is presently teaching in an after-school program. Her forte is in using word games for English language learning. 

Loretta Mulligan, English Tutor

Loretta Mulligan

Has an honours degree in Business from Trent University. Has been engaged in insurance and financial services for 20 years. She is a certified finanical planner as well as a licensed insurance and investment sales representative. Recently she attained a Masters Degree in Administration with a Financial Services focus. 

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