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Ideally the instruction takes place on a one-to-one basis. Four students can be comfortably tutored in each room. 

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How many students are in each study room?

To promote confidence in everyday speaking and understanding within the community for New Canadians, International Learners and those who wish to be more welcoming to international newcomers in our community. We provide a unique service to the Peterborough Community through language. 

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What is the purpose of the Learning Centre?

Printed materials for fill-in-the-blank lessons as well as for quizzes are supplied. This is a typical “Club” Membership format with a membership fee and the opportunity to use the Centre for personal study and instruction. 


Weekend and summer event outings are a part of the learning component. Transportation and entrance fees to events are not included.

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What is included in the cost $200/ 10 hours? 
Who does the Learning Centre accomodate?

International learners have benefitted by being a part of an informal learning environment where understanding and mentoring form a component of pleasurable and relaxed learning. We have welcomed International learners who have completed a Masters Degree and wish to improve pronunciation as well as newcomers to Canada. 

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Confidence levels in language speaking and in cultural awareness will increase significantly due to the mingling of language learners with experienced and knowledgeable community volunteers.

What changes do I expect to see?

English-as-a-second language teaching is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  We adjust our hours when there is a need. 

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Are the hours flexible?
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